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Old 06-28-2015, 04:42 PM
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Default Multi fish bait rig

I use this rig for Blackfish,Sea Bass and Porgy which are many times caught in the same area. Take a 3 way swivel and tie to the main line. I use a #5 blackfish snelled hook and slide the loop through the 3 way and the hook through the snelled loop to attach. Tie a sinker loop to quickly change sinker weights. ( previous thread , tie a cod bait rig) . The # 5 J hook is a good all around hook for the 3 species when you will be setting the hook to the bite. Circle hooks can be substituted if you wish to leave the rod unattended or wish to set the hook just by reeling forward after the bite is detected. I have caught many thousands of fish this way over the years. One hook is all you need if you pay attention to your bite and change baits after a few hits if you miss them.
CAUTION. The # 5 hook is no match for a 8lb and up blackfish, they will bend or straighten it for you with a tight drag, thus leaving you with a story about the one that got away. I go to a #3 or 4 when I fish in heavy Boulder or breakwater environments when searching for large Blackfiish only.
Capt. Bob Danielewicz
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